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Sabática, Who are we?

Sabatica is the first Spanish organization to offer volunteer work, internship and experiences abroad. Sabatica born out of the extensive experience in education and international exchange of its founder, Meritxell Morera. Meritxell has used her broad professional and personal experience in other countries and  cultures to create Sabatica.

With Sabatica, you have the opportunity to have a unique experience abroad which will allow you to get to know different people and cultures as well as help you grow personally and professionally.

We are convinced that altruism contributes to personal growth. That's the reason why Sabatica promotes volunteer work abroad, overseas work experience and education programmes all over the world. We tailor our programmes according to the wishes, the resources and the free time of each participant.
Our participants receive personalised information and advice to make sure that they choose the programme best suited to their profile and therefore have a successful experience.

Sabatica is always searching for the best programmes and destinations and only works with accredited local NGOs and internationally recognised education associations in an effort to offer the highest calibre experience abroad possible.
Sabatica was awarded the Best Woman Business Initiative in 2009 by the Barcelona regional Goverment (Diputacio de Barcelona)

Sabática is memebr of WYSE WORK ABROAD. is the only international organization that regulates these experiences