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Sabática team

Sabatica team is made up of professionals with great committment and values, the sames that made up Sabatica. We have all travelled across the globe to make sure we can help you with a trully experience. Each one of us has taken a gap year and have lived abroad, that is why we are sure we can understand you, help you and guide you to offer you the best exchange experience.

“"Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience." (Francis Bacon)

This phrase expresses quite well what we do.  What initially started as a need to learn a language later became a gateway to other cultures and ways of looking at life that were quie different from mine.. 

Meritxell Morera - Directora y fundadora de Sabática

"I have lived and worked in different countries and I have taken back the best experiences and very good memories in my luggae"

My pasion for travel, to discover new places and the trully conviction that this world will be a better place if all of us travel more and become more open and tolerant to other cultures as made me found Sabática. My mission in Sabatica is to make it feasonable and affordable for anyone looking for life chaning experiences.

I have lived and worked in 3 different countries. Many things changed after my gap year, since then all my professional experience has been devoted to education and international student exchange. I started my professional life as a teacher and national and international coordinator of internships within Spain and abroad. I have worked for FIYTO (Federation of International Youth Travel Organizations), GWEA (Global Work Experience Association, and WYSTC, among others.

With Sabatica, I hope to help others travel and contribute to making a better and more tolerant world. I can´t tell you everything you must experience it.. and the mission of the whole team is to guide you and help you achive it.

I'm Anna, a  nature & animals lover and my other passion is traveling.  I studied tourism at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and in the last year of  my studies I  decided to be part of the Sabatica team .   I decided to work for Sabática, because I felt in  love with this project, the number of destinations, all the things we can learn, to open horizons.  Now I have the opportunity to travel every day to various countries, connect with people worldwide and dreaming through the computer and helping to realize the dream of other young people.I
 love my work and will be here to help you!

Maribel Morencia 

My name is Maribel Morencia and I live in Santander. I´m passionate about travelling and I´ve taken every type of trip possible: on my own, in a group, organized, doing my own thing, volunteering, and to learn languages.  Over time I´ve learned that the best trips are those where you succeed in making your own inner journey.  That´s why I seek experiences that allow me to mingle with the locals and truly get to know the people and culture from within and not simply as a spectator. In that same spirit, I encourage you to throw yourself out there and live many lives!

Erik  Dahl 

Ever since I spread my wings and took off to study in Russia as an undergraduate student, I´ve been hooked on travelling and living abroad.  This wanderlust has led me to live in three different countries, learn three languages and visit more than 30 countries in total.   I´m originally from Colorado in the United States, but I´ve come to make some other points around the world my home as well—most recently Madrid.    Through my work at Sabática I seek to utilize my enthusiasm and knowledge to help you make your experience abroad the most rewarding it can be