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Why Choose Sabática ?

    Why choose Sabatica for your trip?
    BECAUSE OF OUR EXPERIENCE. We have an excellent team of experts in travel, education programmes and working holidays. They have all taken part in student exchange programmes, working holidays or volunteer work abroad, so you'll get first-class advice and first-hand information about the adventure you're embarking on.
    BECAUSE OF OUR CUSTOMISED TRIP PLANS. Sabatica will tailor your trip plan according to your wishes, resources and available time.
    BECAUSE OF OUR ETHICAL COMMITMENT. Sabatica follows an international code of ethics created by GWEA. This code governs  the activities of most worldwide organizers of international education and work programmes.
    BECAUSE OF OUR PROGRAMME SELECTION. Sabatica is always in  search of the best programmes and destinations. Sabatica wants to offer you the highest quality experience abroad possible. We want to help you relax and enjoy your discovery of other cultures to the utmost.
    BECAUSE OF OUR COLLABORATION WITH THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS NGOs. Sabatica makes sure that all the local NGOs  that we work with are duly accredited.
    BECAUSE OF OUR INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES NETWORK. All Sabatica's collaborators belong to internationally acknowledged education associations.
    BECAUSE WE ADAPT TO YOUR PROFILE. We personally help you find the programme most appropriate to your profile.
    BECAUSE OF THE GARANTEED MONITORING OF YOUR STAY.  Sabatica will closely follow your experience from beginning to end.
    BECAUSE WE ONLY AIM AT EXCELLENCE AND SATISFACTION: The success of Sabatica is your satisfaction.

    SABATICA has been awarded by DIPUTACION DE BARCELONA the best enterpreuner company run by a woamn 2009
    SABATICA is a member of  WYSE WORK ABORAD , the only world wide organitzation that regulates the programes