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If you are looking for a special programme for your firm, you've come to the right place. Sabatica offers special programmes for companies. They are designed to foster group motivation and team building and to help your employees develop to their maximum potential.

After the programme, you will have a team that works together with the same objective in mind. Our programmes help you to present the best corporate image: that of a firm committed to society. A firm that has a clear policy of corporate social responsibility and that takes care not only of its staff but also the planet.

Our programmes foster personal development, increase self-confidence and open the mind to new perspectives and possibilities. They encourage creativity and the development of new abilities. Taking part in a volunteer programme will increase the personal satisfaction of your employees and make them feel closer to the firm. The result will be greater involvement in their jobs and higher performance, as a consequence.

Sabatica’s volunteer programmes are a good way to update your firm’s human resources policy and can be very useful in improving communication, recruitment and retention.

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